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Chou Yu-Ho(Professor)

  • Education:Ph.D.
  • Office:Room No.238
  • Office Phone Number:886-026212121#5209
  • Email:au4026@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Homepage:http://au4026.epage.au.edu.tw
  • Research:Expertise
    • Serious Leisure Quality, Tourism E-commerce, Online marketing, Sports Tourism
  • Taught Courses:
    • Introduction to Electronic Commerce,Computer Graphics and Design,WebPage Design,Information literacy




Liao, Meng-Yuan(Professor)

  • Education:Ph.D.
  • Office:Room No.227
  • Office Phone Number:886-026212121#5206
  • Email:au4302@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Homepage:https://sites.google.com/view/mengyuanliao/home
  • Research Expertise:
    • Cabin safety, Airline operation & management
  • Taught Courses:
    • Ticketing & Computer Reservation System,Interpretation,Meeting, Incentive, Convention & Exhibitions Operation and Management ,Marketing,Tourism & Recreation Ethics,Internship




Chi, Tzong-Heng(Associate Professor)

  • Education:Ph.D.Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Tamkang University, 2004
  • Office:Room No.227
  • Office Phone Number:886-026212121#5208
  • Email:au2922@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Homepage:http://chi.epage.au.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise:
    • Soft Computing, Simulation of Tourism Industry,Logistics Design of  Humanitarian Relief and Supply Chain,Development of Freeware,Parallel and Distributed Processing
  • Taught Courses:
    • Web Design,Computer Programming,Database Managements and Applications




Tsai, Yao Lung(Associate Professor)

  • Education:Ph.D. on Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Harbor and River Engineering Institute, National Taiwan Ocean University
  • Office:Room No.226、227
  • Office Phone Number:
  • 886-026212121#5202、#5207
  • Email:au4302@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Homepage:https://sites.google.com/view/jylt/
  • Research Expertise:
    • GIS, Digital Image Processing, Quantitative Research, Travel Behavior, Tourism Resource and Environment Planning, Rainwater utilization and Runoff Mitigation Planning in Green Buildings.
  • Taught Courses:
    • GIS,Digital Image Processing,Commercial Digital Photography,Application of 3D Guiding Technologies, Project Management, Tourism Research Method,Seminar in Tourism Information.



Tsai, Chun Chun(Associate Professor)


  • Education:Ph. D. Depaerment of Life Science, Tunghai University, 2003.
  • Office:Management Building 4F Office
  • Office Phone Number:886-026212121#5504
  • Email:au4293@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Homepage:https://sites.google.com/view/tsaichun/
  • Research Expertise:
    • Marine tourism,Cruise Tourism,Ecoturism,Aromatherapy,Biodiversity,SCUBA Diving

  • Taught Courses:
    • Marine tourism, Aromatherapy level 1, Principles of Management,Seminar in Tourism Information



Mei-Ling Chung(Associate Professor)

  • Education:Doctor
  • Office:Room No.238
  • Office Phone Number:886-026212121#5213
  • Email:mei1991mei@gmail.com
  • Homepage:https://sites.google.com/view/mlchung/
  • Research Expertise:
    • tourism and leisure; festival culture; Marketing; Consumer Behavior
  • Taught Courses:
    • Accounting,Enterprise resource planning,Customer relationship management,Information volunteer,Tourism leisure ethics,human resource Management



Guo Yu-Jian(Associate Professor)

  • Education:Ph.D., Department of Civil Engineering,National Taiwan University
  • Office:Room No.227
  • Office Phone Number:886-026212121#5205
  • Email:au4449@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Homepage:http://yjguo.epage.au.edu.tw/bin/home.php
  • Research Expertise:
    • Macroeconomic Policies and Tend Analysis,Evaluation of Industry Financial Management and Investment,Transportation Economics,Transportation Management,Transportation Planning
  • Taught Courses:
    • Economics,Management,Financial Management,Marketing,Airline Business and Management,The Practice of Tour Leader and Tour Guide,Tour Planning




Yu-Wei Chung(Associate Professor)

  • Education:Ph.D. Ph.D., Department of Civil Engineering,National Taiwan University
  • Office:Room No.227
  • Office Phone Number:886-026212121#5203
  • Email:au4181@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Homepage:https://sites.google.com/site/chungat100/
  • Research Expertise:
    • Statistical Analysis of Data, Tourism & Travel Management,  Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering, Geographic Information Systems, Computer Graphics
  • Taught Courses:
    • Statistics,Tourism & Travel management,Tourism Data Processing & Analysis,Drone Aerial Photography Applications,Digital Photography and Film Editing



Fei-Hsu Sun Hung(Instructor)

  • Education:ABD, Management Science, Tamkang University, R.O.C.M.S. Restaurant, Hotel & Institutional Management, Purdue University, U.S.A.
  • Office:Room No.227
  • Office Phone Number:886-026212121#5204
  • Email:au4074@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Homepage:https://sites.google.com/view/feihsuhung/
  • Research Expertise:
    • Tourism and Hospitality Management,Tourism and Hospitality Experience,Tourism and Hospitality Quality issues
  • Taught Courses:
    • Introduction to Tourism, leisure & Sport,Hospitality Management,Tourism English,Hospitality English,Tourism Internship,Tourism & Information Seminar.Service Learning- Idea of University & Spirit of Mackay,Hotel and Restaurant Service Technique
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