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Situated on Zhenli Street, Danshui District of New Taipei City and neighboring Danshui Golf Course and Fort San Domingo, our school enjoys a great view over Guanyin Mountain and the estuary of Danshui River, as well as a well-organized, serene campus of trees and flowers accommodated with a variety of educational, sport, and leisure facilities for studies. To carry out the educational goal of the University, we emphasize educational quality, caring about students’ learning, and providing professional knowledge via respected lecturers so students may bring about their learning potential to enjoy life, learn new knowledge and skills, freely explore truth, and develop into healthy individuals with humble, humane, and humorous personalities. After graduation students are encouraged to care for society in an open attitude, embrace the world while adapting to global trends, and promote international exchanges of culture and academic affairs.


The application of digital information technology is not only a fashion; it is a trend in the development of various contemporary fields and industries, which holds true for the business management of the tourism industry. Therefore, talents in the tourism industry with IT capabilities are in high demand. The cultivation of such talents is becoming increasingly important, and such professionals must possess a certain level of IT capabilities.



In view of Aletheia's solid foundation in tourism-related departments, our faculty have strived to stand in the forefront of the current trends. To cultivate talented professionals for such trend, we opened a day division class approved by the Ministry of Education in 2007. After the four years of commitments and devotion from all faculty lecturers, the educational performance is now recognized and affirmed. Starting from the 100th academic year, the day division will recruit a total of 94 new students in two classes. The mission of our faculty is to cultivate digital-tourism talents, through the integration of digital information technology & applications, in order to improve the professionalism and competitive strength of our graduates.

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